Nizar Barak

Nizar Barak

Monday 22 August 2022 – 14:01

It is easy to launch an awareness campaign calling on citizens to reduce water waste. It only takes a capsule to pass through the television screens, but it is difficult to make bold and calculated decisions to face the water crisis that Morocco is experiencing.

Nizar Baraka, Minister of Equipment and Water, was not at the level of the moment that Morocco is going through, as he accumulated confusing decisions on the justification of the water emergency and presented patchwork solutions to alleviate the water crisis, including the prevention of car washing using water hoses.

Baraka, who held positions of responsibility, the most important of which is that of Minister of Economy and President of the Economic Council, did not provide realistic solutions to limit the depletion of water resources; He has shown courage against activities that don’t drain water enough to ban them, and has turned a blind eye to other activities that everyone knows how much water they use.

The result: residents suffering from thirst in many areas, muddy dams and water ponds that do not manage water sensibly, and owners of large agricultural businesses that benefit from public water resources without accountability or control.

Last July, the World Bank issued a shocking report indicating that renewable water resources fell between 1960 and 2020 from about 2,560 cubic meters to about 620 cubic meters per person per year, which put Morocco in a state of “structural water stress”.

Nizar Baraka was supposed to take such an analysis very seriously, working to mobilize all the institutions involved and coordinating the necessary measures to deal with this situation, but the man settled for easy and useless solutions to end up in the “down”. hespress corner.

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