The “smart city” fails to eradicate the spread of animals in the provinces of Casablanca

Most of the economic districts of the capital live from the impact of the Bedouin demonstrations that hit the image of the “smart city” and the “financial pole” in the center.

In several provinces, especially Hay Hassani, Sidi Moumen, Moulay Rachid and Sabata, the proliferation of stray animals, donkeys and dragged carts draws the attention of citizens and visitors, which damages the image of the city.

The Casablanca community, through the administrative police, was unable to reduce these phenomena, especially at the level of certain provinces, such as Sidi Moumen and Moulay Rachid, where the animals are widespread.

These abusive demonstrations of the city have now aroused the grumbling of citizens and associative and political events in Casablanca, and fueled the demand that the administrative police move to stop its spread, as donkeys, mules, cows and stray dogs they have become colonizing some of the districts and feeding on the green spaces found there.

In this regard, Aziz Shaieq, an associative actor at the Sidi Moumen district level, recorded that the latter “cannot be considered a district that belongs to the city of Casablanca, but rather a rural area, where all Bedouin manifestations are concentrated. and randomness. they are present.”

The activist, who militates at the level of the largest districts of the city, stressed, in statements to the electronic newspaper Hespress, that “donkeys and mules occupy the roads and control the orbits before the eyes of the local authorities, the administrative police and the district council”, calling for “the need to act quickly to put an end to this chaos and randomness”.

For his part, Hassan Slahmi, a member of the Hayy district council, confirmed that the situation is almost catastrophic at the district level to which he belongs, especially in some neighborhoods, such as Lyssafa, Al-Wefaq and some douars, which harms the city. and its inhabitants in general.

The same statement considered that “the provincial councils are obliged to take action to end this situation that distorts the architecture and space in Casablanca, and turns some areas into villas in the center of the economic capital.”

The councilor explained that “administrative police campaigns must be regular and continuous to eradicate the phenomenon, instead of seasonal campaigns that cannot stop the invasion of Bedouin demonstrations in the city.”