The resignation of the director of the Israeli company that produced “Pegasus”

The resignation of the director of the Israeli production company "Pegasus"
Photo: AFP

Sunday 21 August 2022 – 17:44

Today, Sunday, the Israeli company “NSO”, manufacturer of the “Pegasus” spyware, announced the resignation of its general manager and added that “it will reorganize its activities, in addition to its intention to refocus its sales in the markets. of the NATO member states.

In a statement, the company said: “NSO announces the reorganization of the company and the resignation of General Manager Shalev Hulio, who will be replaced by Yaron Shohat; He is the current Director of Operations and will lead the reorganization process.

The statement drew attention to the fact that the company “will reorganize all of its activities, and will simplify” its operations; To remain one of the largest technology companies in the world and focus its sales on “NATO member states”.

In 2021, NSO found itself at the center of a global espionage scandal after an investigation published by 17 international media outlets, as of July 18, revealed that the “Pegasus” program enabled at least 180 journalists, 600 figures politicians and 85 activists. Lawyers and 65 business owners in many countries.

Pegasus can hack into a mobile phone’s camera or microphone and obtain its data.

The Israeli company has always confirmed that it sells this software only to countries, and the sale must be approved in advance by the Israeli authorities; However, the disclosure of this information, in addition to the group’s previous debts, negatively affected their finances; The affair even threatened the continuation of the activities of the main Israeli company in the field of technology, according to court documents.

The same documents revealed, according to “AFP”, an “internal battle over the countries to which the Israeli group was going to sell its program”, as some creditors said they were not opposed to selling it to “high risk” countries because of its history of respect for human rights, so as not to lose money.

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