The amputation of a hand forces the police to intervene in Awlad Taima

The amputation of a hand forces the police to intervene in Awlad Taima
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Sunday 21 August 2022 – 21:26

The judicial police of the regional security commission of the city of Ouled Taima, supported by the Agadir state security anti-gang squad, managed, on Sunday, to arrest a 25-year-old with a history of violent crimes; This is due to the suspicion of being the main implicated in the case of beatings and stab wounds that produce permanent disability, which was registered yesterday, Saturday, in the “Harisha” neighborhood of the same city.

A report issued by the Agadir state security indicated that the suspect was arrested as part of ongoing investigations following the notification by the national security services that he and a group of his accomplices attacked the residence of a person with which they had had previous disputes. of a criminal nature, since this attack exposed the latter and his sister. A woman in her family was subjected to a strong physical assault with a knife, which resulted in the amputation of the hand of one of the victims among them.

The same source added that the intense security investigations and investigations carried out by members of the judicial police had initially resulted in the arrest of two people; One of them is suspected of participating in the commission of these criminal acts, while the second person is suspected of being involved in harboring the main suspect in this case, at his house in the rural commune of “Bumousi” on the outskirts of the city. city. of Ouled Taima, and not reporting it, before a security operation led to the arrest of the latter, Sabah Today, on the spot.

All the detainees were kept in theoretical custody at the disposal of the judicial investigation, which is supervised by the competent Public Ministry, in order to identify all the criminal acts attributed to them; Meanwhile, investigations continue to arrest all those involved in this case, according to the same report.

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