I want to accompany Morocco to the World Cup.

Abu Khalil: I want to accompany Morocco to "World Cup"
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Sunday 21 August 2022 – 03:19

Moroccan international Zakaria Abou Khal, a player for the French team in Toulouse, said he wants to play the “Qatar 2022” World Cup with the team.

The French striker added, during the press conference that precedes the match between Toulouse and Lorient, for matchday 3 of “Ligue 1”, scheduled for Sunday: “I have a great passion for playing in the World Cup, and also for giving better for my team.”

Abu Khalil also stressed that he wants to play most of the matches for Toulouse, indicating that he is ready to score goals and help lead his team to victory.

The “lions” striker explained that the choice to play for Toulouse was a wise move for him, noting that this fact would help him get a place in the national team list for the World Cup final.

It should be noted that Abou Dhal was in the ideal squad for the second round of the French League, after his brilliance at Toulouse-Trois, which led his team to 3 unanswered goals, through a crucial pass (assist) to teammate Raphael Ratau, who scored the second goal.

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