A picnic on the shores of the mother of spring ends with the drowning of a child

A picnic on the shores of the mother of spring ends with the drowning of a child
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Sunday 21 August 2022 – 23:12

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Judicial Department of Settat ordered, on Sunday, the medical autopsy of the body of an eight-year-old girl, to determine precisely the cause of death, after she drowned in the Oum Rabie River at the height of Mashraa. Ben Abbou group in the Settat districts.

Hespress sources reported that a family residing in the city of Casablanca was coming from Marrakech, via National Highway No. 9, in the direction of their residence, so its members agreed to take a short walk along the Oum Rabia river, but the picnic ended with the boy drowning in the depths of the river.

The same sources indicated that the girl was rescued with great difficulty, and was transferred by ambulance to the Hassan II Hospital Center in Settat, but died before entering the health center. Her body has been deposited in the mortuary department, under the control of the regular preliminary investigation under the supervision of the competent Public Ministry.

The elements of the Royal Gendarmerie, affiliated with the center of filth, Shar’a bin Abbou – Saraya Settat, and the representative of the local authority headed by Ouled Bouziri, went to the place where the child drowned to be examined, to the waiting for them to receive a news about it to be able to carry out the rest of the procedures. The judicial police and members of the scientific and technical police also went to the Settat Hospital to examine the body, as part of the coordination between the gendarmerie and the police under the supervision of the General Prosecutor of King Settat.

Mashraa bin Abbou Group Sinking Umm Rabie River