A human rights center values ​​the fight against “judicial intermediaries”

A human rights center appreciates the fight "court runners"
Caricature: Mubarak Buali

Sunday 21 August 2022 – 09:24

The campaign launched by the interests of the Prosecution both in the Agadir Court of Appeal and the Inzgane Court of First Instance to confront court “middlemen” continues to elicit positive reactions from a number of human rights activists and associations , especially after the circulation of a text message through the instant messaging application with a package of complaints and the questioning of the impartiality of the judiciary with the aforementioned judicial annexes.

In this regard, the Moroccan Center for Human Rights, coordinator of the Souss-Massa region, interacted with these events, according to a statement made available to Hespress, which considered that after the arrest of dozens of “brokers”, they were arrested. . red-handed with the illusion that the litigants mediate to reduce the sentences or acquit the accused or obscure the truth of the matter. Some of the cases before the judiciary, “these are trying to spread false accusations about the participation of judges in extortion operations, in retaliation for the punitive measures that have affected them for their actions defined by law.”

The Moroccan Center for Human Rights highly valued the judicial measures against those involved in mediation before the Courts of the Agadir Chamber of Appeals and in fraud against citizens in cases pending by the judiciary.

The center added that “the fabricated accusations that are promoted are nothing more than a miserable retaliatory reaction, aimed at undermining the determination and credibility of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Court of Appeals in Agadir, and in Inezgane in particular, in the face of desperate gangs. “. of fraud and extortion of citizens”.

On the other hand, the human rights organization demanded “the investigation of these complaints, and the monitoring of all those involved in the spread of rumors that undermine the reputation of the judges,” and asked the Public Ministry to “circulate measures to monitor the courts at the national level, and arrest the intermediaries who abuse the space of justice and try to undermine the judiciary.” With his integrity and credibility.”

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