The “weakness of ferocity” and the strengthening of immunity prevent Morocco from registering new deaths from “Corona”

"double ferocity" And reinforcing immunity will prevent Morocco from registering new deaths in..."crown"
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Saturday 20 August 2022 – 07:00

In the course of this week, zero deaths continue to be recorded in Corona, thus perpetuating the output data of the fourth wave of the virus, and entering a transitional green phase that is not without frequent threats in terms of the possibility of winds of a blowing fifth wave.

The lack of deaths is mainly related to the decrease in HIV infections from last Monday to Friday, as well as the weakening of the ferocity of the virus during the current wave, which has restored the characteristics of normal life in many spaces. .

Since last Monday, Morocco has not registered any deaths from the virus, and the number of infections in Friday’s statistics did not exceed 86 cases; While an additional 152 cases of recovery were recorded, bringing the recovery to 1,246,847 cases.

Saeed Mutawakil, a member of the Scientific Committee against “Covid-19”, said that “the fourth wave is over, and the reproduction rate of the virus is below 0.8 percent, and the positive test rate did not exceed the 1 percent, and thus the fatality rate reached 0 percent on Friday.”

Mutawakil added, speaking to the daily Hespress, that “many factors have resulted in the current case of death, including the weakening of the virulence of the virus and the formation of an immunological wall in society through disease or vaccination, as well as precautions and early detection”, considering that “these data reduced the pressure on the health system”.

The same speaker recorded that “the epidemiological situation is stable”, and that “Morocco is already in the green zone”, warning about “the possibility of entering a fifth wave during the autumn season”, and added: “This is still speculation , but the formulation of health policies requires invoking it”.

Mustafa Al-Naji, a member of the Scientific Committee on Vaccination, stressed that “the issue is related to the decrease in infection rates in general, so it is natural that there are no deaths,” noting that “the epidemiological situation is stable. , but it is necessary to be careful and vaccinate to avoid any danger during the period of the fifth wave”.

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