Moroccan cyclists racing down the roads of Australia

Moroccan cyclists racing down the roads of Australia
Photo: WAM

Saturday 20 August 2022 – 00:51

The Royal Moroccan Cycling Federation announced that Morocco will participate with 7 members in the World Road Racing Championships, which will take place in Wollongong, about 100 km south of Sydney, from September 18 to 25.

The university said in a statement: “The Moroccan bicycle won the World Cup qualification card in Australia, after the International Cycling Union classified the world ranking for the year 2022 on August 16; On the basis of which the quotas of the occupied countries were determined for the ranks from the first to the fiftieth.

The same source added: “Given that Morocco is ranked 43rd in the world (44th last year) out of the 201 member countries of the Union, the proportion of countries that are ranked between 31 and 50 is a participant in the senior category.

The statement adds that in the under-23 category, Morocco will be represented by three contestants, while it will be represented by two contestants in the youth category and one contestant in the young female category.

In addition to Morocco, the African continent will be represented at the Australian Road Cycling World Championships with teams from Eritrea, South Africa and Algeria.

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