King pardons 588 people on Youth Day

The king pardons 588 people in "youth day"
Photo: WAM

Saturday 20 August 2022 – 19:08

On the occasion of Youth Day this year, King Mohammed VI issued his pardon order to 588 people, including detainees and free, who have been sentenced by the various courts in Morocco.

A statement from the Ministry of Justice specified, this Saturday night, that the beneficiaries of the royal pardon who are in a state of detention are 413 people; As the amnesty was extended to 15 people from the remaining jail or prison sentence, 391 people benefited from reduced jail or prison sentence, while the death sentence was transferred to life imprisonment for a woman, and the life sentence was transferred to the specified prison for the benefit of 6 people.

As for the beneficiaries of the royal pardon who are in a state of freedom, according to the same report, their number is 175; Where the pardon of the prison sentence or what remained of it was granted for the benefit of 57 people, the pardon of the prison sentence maintaining the fine for 16 people, and the pardon of the fine for the benefit of 91 people, while 10 people were pardoned from prison sentences and the fine, and one person was granted a pardon from the fine and the remainder of the prison sentence.

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