Black dust chokes Quneitra amid lawsuits to reveal pollution sources

The situation due to the spread of black powder in the city of Quneitra continues to be of concern, amid demands from neighbors and jurists to find a solution to the environmental problem that threatens public health.

Hespress moved to the “capital of the West”, where he oversaw criticism from citizens; In that context, Ahmed, of the villagers, said: “It is the black poisons, not the black powder. It is a disaster that we can touch with our hands.”

In a statement to Hespress, Ahmed asked: “Where are the officials to find a solution to the suffering of Quneitra residents, as the children suffer a lot? We want a radical solution to this problem, which is more dangerous than Corona.”

For his part, Muhammad bin Khalaf, a member of the Executive Office of the Al-Gharb Association for Environmental Conservation, said that “the suffering of Quneitra residents with black powder has reached its climax since 2011,” adding: “We sent a series of correspondence to the Municipal Council and the Wilaya, to which we received no response.” .

Bin Khalaf spoke, in statements to Hespress, about the launch of protest campaigns, including the “Asphyxiated” campaign, after which some results began to appear, such as the performance of various analyzes of air quality, the results of which were “shocking,” according to his description, adding that the results monitored “an increase in carbon dioxide. Sulfur is very large, knowing that it is a dangerous substance, with particles suspended in the air that are carcinogenic.”

The “Green Peace” organization demanded that the source of the black powder in Quneitra be revealed, saying it has become rampant.

The same organization stated that “the air pollution crisis exposes a form of injustice and social injustice, regardless of where you live”, adding in a recent campaign: “Who among us who lives in cities, their right and the Your children’s right to Live in a healthy environment and breathe clean air is violated every day! Those of us who live next to factories and large companies may face increasing health and livelihood threats from high hospital bills, and even confiscation of our land due to forced evictions by neighboring factories that pollute and they divide our lands to turn them into uninhabitable industrial centers”.

The newspaper Hespress monitored the circulation of social media users, most of whom are from the “Western metropolis”, an array of photos and videos that unanimously agreed on the tag “Quneitra suffocation”, documenting “dust black” scattered on the roofs of buildings and facades, recalling what this city has witnessed since The return of this environmental problem from one era to another, especially its widespread expansion in 2017, before it decreased after a series of complaints and inquiries, passing by protests, before the issue reached Parliament Make me.

In multiple publications, local environmental and social activities highlighted the need for guardians to intervene, as soon as possible, to find a definitive solution to the scattered dust, which threatens not only environmental diversity, but also the health of the population. .