Casablanca Stock Exchange closes operations with slight growth

The Casablanca Stock Exchange closed its listing, today Friday, with a slight increase; Thus, its main “MASI” index, which includes all financial transactions of the stock type, registered a slight increase of 0.09 percent, to reach 12,185.34 points.

For its part, the MSI 20 index, which reflects the performance of 20 listed companies, made a slight increase of 0.07 percent, standing at 987.30 points.

For its part, the benchmark environmental, social and governance index “Casablanca ISG10” registered a slight increase of 0.09 percent, to settle at 909.53 points.

Regarding the international indices, the “FTSSE Morocco All-Liquid” index remained stable at 10,281.04 points, while the “FSTE – CSE Morocco 15” index fell 0.06% to 11,285.36 points. .

The total volume of operations amounted to 44.42 million dirhams, carried out entirely in the central market (stocks); The market capitalization amounted to 631,930 million dirhams.

“Cosumar” led the most active stocks, with a trading volume of Dh8.34m, followed by “Maroc Telecom” (Dh7.21m) and “Wiset Mining Company” (Dh6.16m).

In terms of individual values, the strongest increases were recorded by the “Emeiter Mineral Company” (+4.57% to 1,465 dirhams), followed by the “Mechanical Achievement Company” (+3.96% to 144.5 dirhams) and “Sinlam Morocco” (+2.93% to 144.5 dirhams) 1,300 dirhams), “Aircraft contractors” (+2.31% to 197.5 dirhams) and “Dar Al-Saada Residences” (+2, 06% to 25.75 dirhams).

On the other hand, the strongest falls were recorded by “Stroke Industry” (-4.99% at 35 dirhams), followed by “Wisett Mining Company” (-3.5% at 1,930 dirhams) and “Zelija” (-3, 32% to 83 dirhams). dirhams) and “Maghrib Oxygen” (-2.42% to 320 dirhams), and “SNIP” (-1.64% to 829 dirhams).