“Video” leads to the arrest of a thief in Ouled Taima

"video" Leads to the arrest of a thief in Ouled Taima
Photo: Hespress

Thursday 18 August 2022 – 02:08

Members of the judicial police of the regional security commission in Ouled Taima arrested a 27-year-old man; This is under suspicion of being involved in a case of robbery under threat of use of knives and violence.

According to a security source, the suspect, accompanied by another person, had subjected a victim to a robbery under threat of violence, before fleeing on a motorcycle and being chased by the victim’s brother and his escort on another motorcycle, where the two sides exchanged violence. using the white weapon; These are the criminal acts that formed the subject of a video posted on social networking sites.

The proceedings and investigations carried out in this case resulted in the arrest of one of the suspects, who was kept in theoretical custody at the disposal of the investigation, which is carried out under the supervision of the competent Public Ministry; In order to reveal all the circumstances and circumstances of this case, while investigations continue to arrest the remaining suspects, the same source reported.

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