The theoretical guard waits for the driver of the “Khouribga bus”

The escort is waiting for a driver. "Khouribga Bus"
Photo: Hespress

Thursday 18 August 2022 – 14:05

Hespress sources reported that the Prosecutor’s Office had ordered that the driver of the passenger bus that overturned, on Wednesday morning, between the cities of Khouribga and Al-Faqih Bensalah, be placed under medical supervision; Waiting for his recovery, to be heard in the official record, and to put him in custody.

The same sources added that the bus driver is currently undergoing medical follow-up at the Hassan II Regional Hospital in Khouribga, due to his injuries, under the custody of National Security elements, on instructions from the competent Public Ministry.
Sources of the newspaper indicated that the state of health of the driver does not merit surgical interventions; This confirms that he is about to leave the hospital and be heard in an official report from the royal gendarmerie, which is in charge of investigating the incident of the bus overturning, which left several dead and injured, women, children and men.

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