The “Party of the Sun” rejects the North African disputes

"Sun party" Reject Maghreb disputes
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Thursday 18 August 2022 – 20:25

The Ennahda and Virtue Party has said that it follows, with much regret and astonishment, the media and political campaign carried out this week by some Algerian and Mauritanian personalities, authorities and organizations, alleging that it harms the good relations that unite the Moroccan people and the two sister peoples of Algeria and Mauritania.

The Moroccan political party, whose symbol is the “sun”, affirmed, in a statement received by Hespress, the full respect of Morocco, the State and the people, for the sovereignty of the two sister countries, underlining that the statements of some Individuals, regardless of their origin, in terms of relations between Morocco and its sister neighbors, link their owners only as opinions, analyzes and personal references on the one hand, and cannot in any way constitute a justification for attacking Morocco and its national symbols on the other hand.

The same statement clarified that the question of the Moroccan Sahara was and will continue to be one of the constants of Moroccan sovereignty, and a title to the unity and dignity of the nation, and that all Moroccans have the right to defend the preservation and claim every centimeter . of their lands, no matter how high the level of hostility and conspiracies.

The same source highlighted the adoption by the party and the entire fabric of the Moroccan people of the outstretched hand policy that King Mohammed VI has been proclaiming towards sister Algeria, to preserve the security and stability of the region, to preserve the unity of their peoples, and provide for economic integration and development among them within the framework of the unity of the Maghreb.

The Renaissance and Virtue Party called for opening channels of dialogue between all the political and civil components of the Maghreb to build bridges of communication and constructive cooperation for the good, development and well-being of the peoples of the region and to invest in their social, religious and historical ties and their common future.

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