Details of the conviction of irregular immigrants with prison sentences in the “Events of Melilla” file

The Nador Court of Appeal concluded this Wednesday the trial of 13 irregular immigrants of Sudanese nationality, along with a Chadian and a South Sudanese, who were brought before the Criminal Chamber in relation to the facts of the “attempted assault on the Chinatown fence ”. ” on June 24 last.

The Nador appeal judge decided to sentence the detainees to two and a half years in prison and a fine of 10,000 dirhams, in addition to paying the civil rights plaintiffs compensation ranging between 15,000 and 20,000 dirhams.

Commenting on this ruling, the lawyer, Khaled Ameez, told Hespress: “It’s a tough ruling,” noting that it will be pursued with an appeal starting tomorrow, which was also confirmed by his colleague, the Mubarak lawyer. Borik.

The court was aware of the presence of the detainees, while the civil rights claimants of the members of the public force were absent; However, the governing body considered the case ready, after hearing the testimonies of the detainees, all of whom confirmed that they had illegally entered Moroccan territory through Algeria to the city of Oujda. Some detainees reported that they had applied for an asylum document at the UNHCR office and that they had no legal precedent; While the majority denied having thrown stones and sticks at the security forces.

In the pleadings of the defense, made up of four law professors, they drew the court’s attention to the consistency of the records of the judicial police, pointing out at the same time that it is not possible to prosecute 13 immigrants out of some 2,000 who participated in the attempt to storm the fence with these charges, confirming the impossibility of proving them against them, and confirming that it must be taken into account that the observers are considered, according to the international agreements on migration ratified by Morocco, as “refugees fleeing from wars” .

The defense requested that they be granted the most mitigating conditions, taking into account their young age, their conditions in the country of origin, and their suffering during the flight. Meanwhile, the representative of the Public Ministry requested a harsher sentence against him, considering that the charges against him are proven, since they were detained in flagrante delicto.

The trial of those involved was marked by several delays before the file was resolved, after the defense of the detainees requested a period to prepare the defense and summon the representative of the Public Ministry by the members of the public force complainants who were absent from previous sessions.

The 13 convicted were charged with “organizing and facilitating the clandestine and habitual departure of foreigners from the national territory, joining a gang and agreeing to commit the aforementioned acts, illegally entering the national territory, staying illegally and using violence against members of the public force in the performance of their work with the previous insistence, intentional denigration of something intended for public benefit, disobedience and armed assembly.”

On Wednesday, the same court postponed the hearing of the file of another 15 irregular migrants who are being persecuted for more serious charges; It is “deliberately setting fire to forest assets, detaining a person, arresting, imprisoning and imprisoning him without a competent authority order and in cases other than those that the law allows or requires the arrest of persons, and intentionally hitting and injuring with weapons”, until September 7, following the request of the Attorney General of the King, reconvening all the claimants of civil rights of the members of the public force, since only 4 of them attended without the others.

These irregular immigrants belong to the second group of 61 detainees in relation to the same events, since the Court of First Instance of Nador had previously handed down sentences of between 8 and 11 months in prison, against 33 irregular immigrants among the intruders and another 14 who They had previously entered into confrontations with the Public Force in the forests adjacent to occupied Melilla, before the day of the attempted assault.

On June 24, a few hundred irregular migrants, mostly from sub-Saharan African countries and Sudan, tried to storm the occupied Melilla fence, and only 133 managed to cross to the other side; While this attempt resulted in the death of 23 of the intruders, according to the latest balance of the local authorities of Nador, and hundreds of injured among the Moroccan public forces and immigrants.