Raja Club breaks ties with Kabango and Badibanga

Aziz Al-Badrawi, president of the Raja Football Club, confirmed that he had reached a final agreement with the Congolese player, Benny Badibanga, to terminate his contract with the “green team” amicably.

Al-Badrawi explained, in a “tweet” through his personal account on the social network “Instagram”, that the Badibanga file was settled amicably, after the player received his economic fees that were trapped in the custody of the equipment.

The person in charge of the ‘Green Castle’ also indicated that he had terminated the contract of the other Congolese, Kadima Kabango, by mutual agreement, denying what was circulating about the club’s poor treatment of the Congolese player.

Al-Badrawi posted a photo of him with Kabango, commenting on it, saying: “This is a moment of reconciliation away from the disputes of” Al-Tas “and” FIFA “, even if I leave the team, I must not let him be reeling from problems that could deprive it of continental participation, and my goal is to end all disputes.

The same spokesman continued: “Kabango received his money and left happy. Where is the racism that some have referred to in our treatment of the player? Let’s avoid fake news to work on the assignment file.”

The head of the ‘green team’ explained that he seeks to solve his team’s problems in order to remain without any dispute file with the Royal Moroccan Football Federation, within the framework of the team’s restructuring and return to the right path.

The Tunisian Faouzi Benzarti, coach of the Raja Sports Club, gave the green light to terminate Badibanga and Kabanga’s contract after not being convinced of their technical abilities, claiming the need to incorporate players capable of providing the necessary complement to the team.