Raissouni clarifies about the “drag to Tindouf”

Ahmed Raissouni, head of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, said that “Morocco opposed the independence of Mauritania for several years, for historical reasons, and then recognized it, and Mauritania became one of the five constituent countries of the Union. of the Arab Maghreb. ”

In an explanation posted on his official website, Raissouni added: “This is the reality recognized globally and by the countries of the region. As for the longing for the old unity, and its renewed aspirations, there is no way for it today except within a gradual, voluntary, mutual policy, and the best formulas available today are the resurgence of the “Arab Maghreb Union” and the movement of your train.

And he added: “Which does not need confirmation, but I do not expect to repeat it and be proud of it, that I do not differentiate between a Moroccan and an Algerian, or a Moroccan and a Mauritanian, or a Moroccan and a Tunisian. , or a Moroccan and a Libyan; Rather, all Muslims are my brothers and my loved ones, and kinship and neighborhood have an additional right.”

He continued: “I believe, like all the peoples of the region, that the five Maghreb countries have an urgent need to overcome this problem, which impedes and impedes efforts for unity and development and threatens peace and stability in the region. I call on our brother Algerian officials to leave Morocco to treat the conflict as an internal matter.”

He went on to explain: “I believe, like all sane people, that war will never bring a solution; But it brings destruction, devastation and exhaustion for everyone, and it brings more internal ruptures and foreign interventions.”

Raissouni continued: “I am not afraid that all the countries in the Maghreb region will suffer the repercussions of the Moroccan Sahara problem, which some call “Western Sahara”, which I described in the dialogue as a “colonial industry”. On the Moroccan border with Algeria, there is an armed organization called the Polisario Front.

He stated that “this organization had previously announced the establishment of what it called the “Sahrawi Arab Republic”. It is known that this organization is fully welcomed and supported by the Algerian state, and that it takes the Algerian city of Tindouf as its real capital, and in It brings together thousands of people from the Sahara (Sakia El Hamra and Wadi Eddahab), living in camps, in miserable conditions, for decades.

“That is why I made a call to allow Moroccan scholars and preachers, and all Moroccans, to cross into the city of Tindouf and its camps, to communicate, dialogue and understand with their Moroccan Saharawi brothers who are detained there, about unity and the fraternity. that unites us, and about the absurdity of the separatist project fought for by the Polisario Front, backed and directed by the Algerian army, according to the same source.