Dacrose Announces Royal Army Club Highlights

Dacrose Announces Royal Army Club Highlights
Photo: Hsport

Wednesday 17 August 2022 – 03:11

Fernando D’Cruz, the new coach of the Royal Army Football Team, said that he decided, with great motivation and enthusiasm, to take on this challenge after receiving an offer to supervise the “military” team from the latter’s management.

Dacrose, in a press release, said he has developed a close strategy with the club’s management since last March to attract new players, noting that this season’s assignments remain good.

Regarding the complex of his goals with the Royal Army, the same spokesman added: “The objective is to get closer to the leading group, that is, the first and second teams, and thus win titles due to their great importance for the members of the club.”

The new coach of the Royal Army Football Team also referred to the club’s academy strategy and the adoption of the team’s sons, given the good level shown by a group of players, especially during their participation with the ages of the national teams.

Fernando Dacrose promised more work and dedication to play for one of the titles, and achieve the goals set by the board.

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