The film “Life Before Us”… the cry of Moroccan workers tortured in French coal mines

Movie "life ahead of us"The cry of Moroccan workers tortured in French coal mines
Photo: Hespress

Tuesday 16 August 2022 – 03:00

The documentary “La vie devant nous” (Life before us) portrays the suffering of Moroccan immigrants who were forcibly displaced to work in coal mines in France during the 1950s.

The film, by French director Frédéric Lavon, tells the stories of 80,000 Moroccan workers who settled in France for more than 20 years, according to a dramatic construction that highlights the inhumane ways in which they were displaced.

Director Lavon dwells on the historical period in which the name of the French soldier Félix Mora is mentioned, nicknamed by Moroccan workers as “the slave trader”, and the way in which he exploited them after selecting several young people from the region. of Souss.

During this period, the documentary tells, young Moroccans preferred to emigrate to escape poverty and in search of a better future, which led Félix Mora to propose the idea of ​​their displacement, in order to support French businessmen with cheap labor, so that they could be subjected to a series of strict medical examinations.

The director of “Life Before Us” stressed that this documentary “is a historical document that reflects part of the French and Moroccan collective memory that is transmitted from one generation to another, but that was not highlighted by researchers and historians”, noting that ” the setting focused on human stories, while the character of Félix Mora was secondary in the film, as his performance was assigned to someone else.”

Speaking to the French media, the French director considered his film a humanitarian and political cry that condemns the immigration policy between France and Morocco at the end of the 20th century, and a call to promote scientific research on immigration issues and build policies of immigration that respect human rights. .

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