“Hammouchi Memorandum” publishes legal diary in the face of attacks on police officers

"Hamouchi's note" Paper of law is publicized before attacks on police officers
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Tuesday 16 August 2022 – 21:30

Hespress learned from well-informed security sources that Abdellatif Hammouchi, Director General of National Security and Territorial Surveillance, sent an internal memorandum to all national security services at the central and regional levels, containing strict instructions to strictly address all forms of non-compliance and violence against police officers.

The last memorandum highlighted the need to firmly and seriously confront all abuses and verbal and physical aggressions that affect policewomen and employees in the performance of their work duties on public roads. This is done by activating all the necessary legal mechanisms to monitor and reprimand the perpetrators of these attacks, which not only affect the person of the police officer, but also the image of the General Directorate of National Security, as a public institution in charge of serving the safety and protection of citizens.

In order to activate the requirements of the “state protection” principle, which the General Directorate wishes to adhere to in all its strategies for managing and framing its human resources, the memorandum from the directorate included directives to make use of all means and investigations necessary techniques during judicial investigations of aggressions that affect police officers, as well as the need to provide all forms of moral support and professional support necessary for this category of police officers.

In a related context, Hespress sources confirmed that this memo outlined practical steps to increase the preparedness and capabilities of functional police elements to deal with all forms of violence resulting from their field interventions. This is through the development and implementation of basic and continuous training programs whose objective is the adoption of new techniques for the arrest of suspects, either through the use of functional weapons or alternative means of intervention that guarantee the physical security of the police personnel and citizens during public order. and crime-fighting operations.

From this point of view, this memorandum highlighted, according to the same sources, the interest of the General Directorate of National Security in providing all the capacities and means of work necessary to accompany police interventions on the ground; This is through “providing security units with equipment and supplies for interventions and providing their personnel with individual supplies of functional weapons and alternative intervention equipment”, provided that these efforts are accompanied by serious work in the field of framing field interventions in terms of functional respect. and legal controls that aim to respect the rights and freedoms of citizens.

Hespress sources concluded by emphasizing that this memorandum is given in the context of the comprehensive investigation that is being carried out in the framework of recording the frequency of physical attacks on police officers during their intervention to arrest and arrest those suspected of being involved in criminal acts. These facts were dealt with rigorously, which resulted in the arrest of those involved in these criminal acts and their bringing to justice. It was also an opportunity to carry out a comprehensive evaluation of the means and techniques of police intervention, in order to keep abreast of the developments imposed by the nature of the new security operations.

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