A cultural initiative that promotes the poems of “young poets”

A cultural initiative that promotes poems "young poets"
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Tuesday 16 August 2022 – 09:15

Encourage young Moroccan poets to participate in the initiative of the Dar Al-Sha’ar Meeting in Marrakech, the Culture Sector of the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sports, and the Department of Culture of Sharjah of the United Arab Emirates.

With the slogan “The Best Poem”, the “House of Poetry” of Marrakech announced the opening of the fourth call for this award for young Moroccan and foreign poets residing in Morocco, under thirty years of age.

The contest chose “The Earth” as the main axis of the poems, in an “attempt to consolidate the universal values ​​of poetry.”

This award aims to “be more open to poetic voices, encourage and motivate them to continue and delve into the midst of poetic writing.”

Among what this award proposes, which has set October 25 as the deadline for receiving nominations, is “publishing a collective book of winning texts” within the “Poetic Illuminations” cycle.

The names of the winners are expected to be announced during the opening of the fourth session of the Moroccan Poetry Festival, starting on November 13 this year.

Poetry Ministry of Youth and Culture