These are incendiary files awaiting government ministers after they return from summer break

Files accumulated in the government table waiting for the official entry of a holiday that began in early August; In the foreground is the social dialogue with the unions, one of the axes planned for the month of September, in addition to many sectoral issues that await a decisive intervention.

The unions are waiting for Aziz Akhannouch, Prime Minister, and Younes Skouri, Minister for Economic Integration, Micro-enterprise, Employment and Skills, to reach a final point of consensus on the contents of the previous social dialogue and start deliberating on the second one. round and trying to reach new social conquests.

Nadia Fattah Al-Alawi, Minister of Economy and Finance, awaits the task of preparing the Finance Law for the next year 2023; It is a task surrounded by many pressing files, invoking international contexts and the wave of high prices that print basic products, as well as the expectations of separate groups to benefit from “material enablers” in the future.

According to informed sources, there is no government council this week either, due to the continuation of the “festival of ministers” that began at the beginning of this month, taking advantage of a political custom established by previous governments during each summer.

Despite the absence of the government council, some ministers have effectively resumed their work, today Monday; They are headed by Chakib Benmoussa, Minister of National Education, Primary Education and Sports, while others continue on vacation, without revealing the official dates of entry.

Chakib Benmoussa, Minister of National Education, Primary Education and Sports, is also at the gates of a new school season and looks for possibilities to achieve a successful entry, in addition to presenting the content of the Basic Law for employees of the Ministry of Education after Marathon consultations with unions.

For her part, Fátima Zahra Amour, Minister of Tourism, Crafts, Social and Solidarity Economy, is waiting for her to ensure the summer peak and invest more in the great demand experienced by the coastal cities of northern and southern Morocco. and prepare to diversify the tourist offer coinciding with the arrival of autumn.

For his part, Abdellatif Mirawi, Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, hopes to find definitive solutions to the problems of students returning from Ukraine and the protests of medical students who refuse to integrate them, as well as offering a formula to circumvent the “singles” system after frequent talk of its final abolition.

Awatef Hayyar, Minister of Solidarity, Social Integration and Family, is waiting for strong discussions to open on the content of the reforms to the family code after the recent royal speech, and the entry of many ideological currents in the line of implementing demands and present perceptions. of interest in the content.

Nasser Bourita, Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates, also faces many diplomatic challenges; He is preceded by the actions of the Algerian neighbor on many levels, as well as by the rise of the traditional left in the countries of South America and its options for supporting the “Polisario” front.