The Scientific Committee calls on the youth segment to complete the vaccines against the “Corona” pandemic

With the end of the second wave of the viral mutant “Omicron” about two weeks ago, the Scientific Committee for Disease Prevention continues to ask Moroccans to receive the third dose of vaccines, especially young people, due to low demand. . In recent months.

In this context, Professor Saeed Mutawakil, member of the Scientific and Technical Committee to Contain the Pandemic, said that “the disease is still alive among us despite the end of the second wave of Omicron”, noting that “vaccination strengthens the collective acquired”. immunity, and prepares society for any health emergency.”

Mutawakil added, in statements to the electronic newspaper Hespress: “Moroccan youth must accept the required and sufficient form for the third dose of Corona vaccines”, calling on this age group to “get vaccinated against the disease to reduce the margin of spread of the illness”. the virus in case of appearance of other mutations”.

The same spokesman explained that “young people are not 100% protected from infection by the emerging coronavirus, because some suffer from chronic immune diseases that make them vulnerable, as well as older age groups.”

For his part, Professor Mustafa Al-Naji, director of the Laboratory of Virology at Hassan II University in Casablanca, stated that “the false news and rumors circulating about the doses at one point contributed to the reluctance to the third dose, not only among young people, but also among all groups.” target age.

Al-Naji pointed out, in statements to the electronic newspaper Hespress, that “the third dose is important to strengthen the body’s immunity against the virus, and thus reduce its spread during infection,” stressing that “vigilance is required by everyone to despite the stability. of the global epidemiological situation.

And the member of the scientific committee added that “the fourth dose of the corona vaccines for the age group over 65 years is also important, with the aim of reducing the margin of risk after infection”, concluding that “the disease continues present, and it has not definitively disappeared, but its effect has only diminished in the current circumstances.” .

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection announced the end of the second wave of Omkaron, which is the fourth wave of the widespread mass spread of the virus, to start a new interperiod, the fourth interperiod, after two consecutive weeks of the weak green level of the spread of the Covid-19 virus.