Professionals attribute the price of Moroccan restaurants and hotels to the cost of the raw material

Several restaurants and hotels in tourist areas in Morocco are experiencing alarming price increases, with citizens complaining that the prices of some materials and services have doubled or tripled.

Amid opinions saying that restaurant and cafe owners are seeking to recoup losses suffered during the Covid 19 pandemic, professionals confirm that the issue is related to the change in the prices of raw materials and fuels.

Noureddine El Harraq, president of the National Association of Moroccan Restaurant and Cafe Owners, explained in this context that there is no agreed increase, nor a general tendency of professionals to raise prices, adding that some cafe and restaurant owners they raised the price. because they developed their services on the one hand, and on the other hand, others because of the rise in the prices of basic materials and that factor represents the main reason for these increases, according to what he said.

The spokesman told Hespress that “some types of cheese have doubled in price from Dh50 to Dh100, and the price of chocolate used in some hot drinks has risen from Dh180 to Dh280, and the price of oil, which did not exceed 70 dirhams, reached 140 dirhams”.

The same spokesman denied that it had anything to do with the professionals’ attempt to recover the losses suffered by the sector during the Covid 19 stage, adding that the tax for this price increase is paid by both the citizen and the owners of the coffee shops. , because their profit margin has decreased despite the increase in the prices of the services they provide.

Al-Harraq explained that restaurants located in high-end areas and some brands are always an exception in terms of prices; But 95 percent of Moroccan cafes and restaurants operate at prices that may not be right for customers, but are compatible with commodity prices.

On the other hand, statements made by Hespress by professionals in the “hotel industry” confirmed that this season is not exceptional in terms of hotel prices. Rather, it is the summer season, when people come to the coastal areas, which include hotels that charge high prices.

The professionals reported that cities like Fez, Meknes and Ouarzazate did not recover and kept the same low prices, while the coastal regions that know an increase in the level of demand compared to the supply, it is natural to witness an increase in prices.

To get out of the crisis of the high cost of internal tourism, professionals propose seasonal vacations, for example, such as vacations that begin in some destinations in July, and in other destinations in August, and in others in September. Balance between supply and demand instead of thousands of citizens going to the same destination in the same period of time, thus ensuring competitiveness.

On the other hand, the professionals called for investment conditions to be provided in several cities and to work on developing their attractiveness, to motivate investors to launch their projects outside some regions and limited entities.