WhatsApp introduces new privacy rules to improve user security

"What's happening" Reveals new privacy rules to improve user security
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Sunday 14 August 2022 – 10:23

The social networking application “WhatsApp” has developed new privacy rules that allow the user to leave chat groups without reaching notifications to others, with the ability to specify which users can see the user when connected to the application .

As part of the app updates released during the current month of August, the user and other users will be able to take photos of the messages that are sent according to the “single view” feature, which ensures that the message disappears once it is sent. It sends. received and read by the other user.

The blocking function of taking a photo of the message is currently being tested, according to the “WhatsApp” application owned by the Meta group, owner of the social network “Facebook”, adding that it will launch the new function soon.

It is reported that when the user is leaving a group chat in the “WhatsApp” application, a notification appears when other users tell them that the user has left a group. While the user can currently disable this feature and the message does not appear to other users, they still cannot connect to the Internet and start using the app without showing that they are connected to others.

Some activists raised concerns about the encryption techniques used in the “WhatsApp” app and other social media platforms that aim to keep conversations confidential and private, which could allow those who carry out criminal activities on these platforms to escape prosecution. and surveillance.

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