The strong influx of Moroccans to “summer destinations” makes it difficult for ambulances

The large turnout of Moroccans to "vacation destinations" obstructing ambulances
Photo: Hespress

Sunday 14 August 2022 – 02:00

Medical transport, or the referral service for patients from hospital centers to more equipped hospitals, is an extraordinary event for many who have lived this experience, since looking for an ambulance becomes “looking for a needle in a haystack”.

And if there are Moroccan citizens who groan under the weight of the disease and find it difficult to get ambulance services, this sector is experiencing great problems and chaos in the summer cities, especially in the province of Tetouan and the employment of M’diq Fnideq, according to Abdel Nour El Bakkali, regional editor of the National Health University of M’diq Fnideq. .

The trade unionist said, in statements to Hespress, that the task of transferring patients from one hospital to another has become a real suffering due to the great congestion on the roads and the unprecedented overcrowding in the streets, waiting for “mercy that descends of heaven,” as he put it.

Al-Baqali added that “the arrival of patients at the receiving hospitals has become an impossible task, following the limitations related to human and technical resources, health frameworks, and patients facing the problem of transportation in the hospitals. highways, especially in remote areas, as well as the summer period, when ambulances and their crews are forced to pay the price of traffic on the highway, and waiting for the queue of cars at the action stations, which increases the ordeal of access to medicines.

The regional editor of the National Health University of M’diq, which is affiliated with the General Union of Workers of Morocco, considered this matter unacceptable and called on all those involved to ensure that patients have access to treatment and save lives.

The speaker was also interested in the fate of motorway circulation cards, which are assigned by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection at the level of regional delegates, regional directorates and hospital centers.

And he advocated “facilitating the passage of ambulances through the highway network, especially since it is related to human life, and the price of the ticket to go through the Autorot is often a reason for not arriving on time to receive care” .

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