Moroccans ask for the support of the artist Khadija Casablanca

Moroccans ask for the support of the artist Khadija Casablanca
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Sunday 14 August 2022 – 14:19

A few days ago, the health condition of the popular artist, Khadija Al-Baidawia, deteriorated, after she fell ill with cancer.

Producer Mohammed Al-Saudi called on Moroccans and most officials, including the Ministry of Culture and the Association of Moroccan Artists, to take care of his treatment, after his health has deteriorated in recent time.

Al-Saudi said, in a post he published on his official Facebook page, that “the artist who brought joy to hundreds of Moroccans lives in a sorry state due to the malignant disease that afflicted her”, and called for a quick intervention to save her. . her life before it’s too late.

Many interacted with the plight of popular artist Khadija Al-Baydaweya, hoping in her comments on social media that the responsible authorities would pay attention to her plight.

A few weeks ago, the popular artist underwent an operation in one of Al-Bayda’s private clinics, and a while ago she underwent chemotherapy.

The artist, Khadija El-Baydaouia, is one of the symbols of the Moroccan Aïté, she began her artistic path after the death of her husband in the mid-seventies at the hands of numerous Moroccan sheikhs.

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