Awlad al-Nama neighborhoods await electoral promises

Residents of most of the neighborhoods in the city of Sabt Awlad al-Nama are still eagerly awaiting the desired development and the actual implementation of the promises made in the election campaign of last September 8, especially regarding paving, public lighting, paving and sanitation.

Most of the city’s neighborhoods, according to the citizens, lack urbanization conditions, and nothing distinguishes them from the rest of the neighboring districts in terms of infrastructure, only the water and electricity connection network, and all the manifestations of Bidoon are still prominently present. in them.

Although the residents of these neighborhoods were behind the change in the structure of the current collective council through the vote of the young vote and a series of competitions, they did not perceive little of what was promised by the winners in the elections of September 8.

The situation is almost similar in the neighborhoods of Al-Huda, Sidi Ben Adi, Al-Yasmeen, Al-Inara and Al-Nahda, where the infrastructure still suffers from the lack of paving and street lighting, and sometimes sanitation, electricity and cleaning. services, not to mention the nearby playgrounds, which the city as a whole lacks.

As much as the residents demand the need to unload the previous electoral promises so that these neighborhoods benefit from development like the others, especially at the level of paving alleys and public lighting, to the extent that they criticize the current experience, whose achievements are not overcome the purification of some garbage black spots and manage the drinking water crisis in coordination with the authorities.

Jawad (41 years old), a resident of the city, said that “the collective council was slow to discharge its previous promises, and so far we have not seen any development initiatives except what was activated under the Urach program, pointing out that the The population trusts this council a lot given its political component, marked by youth.

The spokesperson added, in statements to Hespress, that most of the components of the current council were members of local development associations, and carried the torch for change, and advocated for important files with the regional and regional elected councils, and agreements were signed. . concluded in this context, but with a stay of execution.

He pointed out the importance of the proposals and development projects that civil society had advocated in terms of paving and provision of public lighting and sanitation in marginalized neighborhoods, pointing out that the audacity of these demands collided with multiple problems, which required the collective council to speed up its management. .

For his part, Abd al-Nabi Karini, second deputy head of the collective council, said that “the collective council, with its harmonious majority and the efficiency of its members, carries insights and visions that can make the city meet the aspirations of the neighbors”, noting that all the problems presented have been diagnosed and each of them will be attended to in the unit according to priorities.

He added to Karini, in statements to Hespress, that “the activities of civil society during the previous mandate presented important development projects, and in fact they advocated for programs that touch the interests of the population, and now they are included in the program of the community, and they are specific to some fragile neighborhoods, not marginal, and they will be given priority”.

He pointed out that towards the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, the city will know the discharge of some important development projects, whose approval procedures -according to legal and administrative procedures- have reached their final stages, such as the reconnection and generalization of the valley hot, reinforcing and generalizing the connection to the electricity grid, as well as the expansion and rehabilitation of some main streets, including Hassan II street.
He stressed that so far, the 2022 financial budget for the Souk Al-Sabt, Awlad al-Nama dirty community, like other dirty groups, has not yet been published by the Ministry of the Interior.