A meeting celebrates the candidacies of the Moroccans of the world in Ashtouka

A meeting celebrates the candidacies of the Moroccans of the world in Ashtouka
Photos: Hespress

Sunday 14 August 2022 – 04:24

Within the framework of the celebration of the National Migrant Day, which is celebrated on August 10, the associations “Al-Wasila” in France and “Zawit n Tausna” in the Ouled Mimoun area in the Sidi Bibi commune in the Chtouka-Ait Baha province organized a meeting in honor of a series of Moroccan immigrants abroad, in recognition of the sacrifices they made for the homeland.

The meeting was marked by the presence of immigrants from different generations, including retirees and young people from France, Egypt, Spain, Austria and Belgium, some of whom hold positions of responsibility in various sectors or experts in some international organizations.

The occasion was also a moment for the spontaneous disclosure of the experiences of immigration and life abroad, as well as to address, especially for retirees, the difficulties they faced in the host countries, their path in improving their educational level and economic, and their inclusion in positions of responsibility within the units that occupy them.

Khaled Al-Ayoud, researcher and professor in charge of “Zawit n Tausna”, explained that the objective of this meeting is “a kind of gratitude to a group of Moroccans who have contributed a lot to the construction of this country, and I am referring here to Moroccan workers. resident abroad, and the town that today hosts this honorary meeting, The town of Awlad Maimon has witnessed the migration of their children abroad since the twenties of the last century, that is to say that all generations have known it, the generation of grandparents, uncles, parents, and today the children, and there are families that have reached the fifth generation”.

He added, speaking to Hespress, “We celebrate other people, including the members and founders of the association” Moroccan miners in the north of France “, as well as a generation of young people from Shtouka, including the higher education professor of mathematics in France and experts in international organizations.

Al-Ayoud added: “The meeting was organized by “Zwayt n Tausna”, in collaboration with the “Al-Wasila” association in France, which was founded by a Moroccan immigrant in Paris, who works to bridge the connection between the North and of the South, and among the Moroccans of the world, their towns and their homes, and for this reason we want through this work to recommend and dedicate a culture of recognition, but at the same time we establish beyond the generation of retired pioneers to be able to give continuity to the new generation. The presence of young people and their great interaction with the experiences of the sheiks through their paths in the diaspora and before makes us trust in the Morocco of tomorrow and in their children inside and outside the country”.

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