Weekly yield rises on the Casablanca Stock Exchange

The Casablanca Stock Exchange ended its trading during the week of August 08 to 12 with the impact of an increase, since its main index “MASI” advanced 1.80% to settle at 12,162.75 points.

For its part, the “MSI 20” index, which reflects the performance of 20 companies listed on the stock exchange, during the same period, recorded a gain of 1.86%, rising to 986.80 points.

The benchmark environmental, social and governance index “Casablanca ISG10” advanced 1.75 percent to 910.20 points.

At the end of this week, 17 sectoral indicators closed with a positive effect, compared to 4 indicators with a negative effect.

The total trading volume amounted to more than 225.40 million dirhams, while the market capitalization exceeded 630.91 billion dirhams.

The list of the most active tools during the week was topped by the list of “Maroc Telecom” (106.37 million dirhams), “Al-Tijari Wafa Bank” (95.97 million dirhams) and “Banque Populaire” (52, 85 million dirhams).

In terms of stocks, the strongest increases were recorded by “Med Paper” (+17.38%), “M2m Group” (+13.02%) and “Carty Saadeh” (+12.45%).

On the other hand, the strongest falls were recorded by “Salfin” (-8.53 percent), “Sinlam Morocco” (-6.02 percent) and “mines” (-2.75 percent).