These are the objectives of the use by the Royal Armed Forces of the American networks for air defense

The United States decided to support Morocco with integrated air defense networks against missile and drone attacks, as the decision was recently approved by the United States Congress, in its vote on the appropriation bill for the fiscal year. 2023.

Lawmakers allocated funds to bolster the military capabilities of US allies in the Middle East and North Africa, including Morocco, to counter missile and drone attacks by Iran and its proxies.

In this context, Abdel-Rahman Makkawi, a military expert, said: “The US military authorities have tangibly shown them that Iran, through Hezbollah, has carried out various hostile acts against Morocco, starting with sending weapons to the Polisario militia, and equipping it with GPS technologies for small-range missiles and suicide drones.

Makkawi added, speaking to Hespress, that ÔÇťamong the main weapons currently being adopted in wars are small, medium and long-range weapons, as well as drones of various sizes, from the size of the fly to the jet plane. reaction. .”

The military expert explained that “based on that, the United States of America made the decision to provide the Moroccan army with anti-aircraft missiles and missiles that could be manufactured by the Polisario militias,” noting that “South Africa has provided these militias with with some technologies for the manufacture of missiles”.

The same spokesman also stated that “the purpose of this support that the Polisario receives, whether from Iran or South Africa, is to attack the stability of the region and launch a proxy war against Morocco through these militias.”

Morocco had announced years ago the issue of the involvement of the Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah in the support and arming of the separatist militias of the Polisario Front, and the involvement of officials from the Iranian embassy in Algeria in the same matter.

The United States cooperates with allied African countries to solve problems of common interest, among which the fight against terrorism stands out, taking into account the importance of the continent in critical global issues.

It is noteworthy that during the last ministerial meeting of the international coalition against ISIS, which took place in Marrakech, the participants sounded the alarm about the growing relationship between terrorism and separatism, saying that collusion against sovereignty and stability of countries nurtures the alliance between terrorists and separatists, and threatens regional peace and security.