The canine cyclist settles for fourth place in Turkey

The canine cyclist settles for fourth place in Turkey
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Saturday 13 August 2022 – 18:19

The young Moroccan cyclist Ashraf Daghmi, African champion in athletics at the Abuja 2022 tournament, was on the top of the podium, but his luck was unfortunate due to his lack of experience, and he settled for fourth place overall on the road ( 130 km), which took place today Saturday, within the competitions of the fifth session One of the Islamic Solidarity Games in Konya, Turkey.

Al-Dogmi finished the race in a time of two hours, 58 minutes and 08 seconds (an average speed of 79.43 kilometers per hour), the same time recorded by the Iranian first place winner and gold medalist, Mohammad Gangkhanlu, who finished the race at the final speed, to be crowned champion of the Konya session, which is the first session in which the sport of cycling was included in the general program of the Islamic Games.

Three Moroccan runners were among the top ten in this race, in which about 70 competitors of different nationalities participated; They join Ashraf Al-Daghmi, Adel Al-Arbawi and Anas Ait Al-Abdiyya, who also ranked eighth and ninth respectively at the same time.

The roster of the national team participating in the Konya 2021 cycle included cyclists Ashraf Daghmi (Koubet Athletic Marrakchi), Adel Arbaoui (Khouribga Cycling Club), Mounir Makhchoun (Association Najah Souss Agadir), Nasreddine Maatouki (Oval Sports Federation), Anas Ait Abdia and Mohsen Kouraji, professional at Chafar Club, Emirates Jumeirah.

The patriotic elements participated in a preparatory meeting for this Islamic sporting event, in the Turkish city of Kayseri, between July 28 and August 3 of this year, during which they participated in their “Yahyali” grand prize.

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