The university reveals the reasons for the separation of Halilhodzic

The university reveals the reasons for the separation of Halilhodzic
Photo: Mounir Mhaimidt

Friday 12 August 2022 – 09:25

The Royal Moroccan Football Federation explained, in statements to “Hesport”, that the consent printed all the details related to the separation of the national team, Vahid Halilhodzic, without there being any tension or attraction between the two parties.

According to an official source, spokesman for the university, the data related to the occurrence of quarrels between the national soccer team and Halilhodzic, in the days prior to the announcement of the separation between the two parties, are not relevant to the truth, especially since that the friendly atmosphere characterized all the stages of the separation, including the stage after the announcement of the separation, according to the same source.

The same source indicated that university officials communicated naturally with Khalilozic, met with him and informed him of the secession decision, in an atmosphere of understanding and satisfaction between all overlapping parties.

It is worth noting that the university’s report on the separation of Vahid Halilhodzic indicated that, in view of the differences and divergences of views between the Royal Moroccan Football Federation and the national coach Vahid Halilhodzic on the best way to prepare the national team football for Qatar. 2022 World Cup, the two sides decided to part ways by mutual agreement.

The university thanked the former national elector “for what he did during the period in which he oversaw the direction of the national team, especially the qualification for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, with a young, promising team full of great ambitions for the future.” wishing, in turn, “good luck for the team in the future”.

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