Sanitation works for health centers in Chichaoua

Sanitation works for health centers in Chichaoua
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Friday 12 August 2022 – 01:31

In Chichaoua, the “Urash” program was launched, in its third and last phase, which the Moroccan government launched a decision to generalize to the rest of the national territory, as of March 1, to include a set of prefectures and regions.

The implementation of the requirements of this government program in the province of Chishawa began with the purification of the spaces of the health centers that are located in the territory of influence of the capital of the province, by the Association of Mi Land for Sustainable Development, Chishawa branch, in the presence of the head of the regional council, a representative of the regional health and social protection delegate of the region, and medical personnel from the Chishawa urban health center.

This initiative is part of the government project aimed at improving employability and enhancing the possibilities of professional insertion, as well as the creation of direct jobs, in order to support the sustainable integration of the target groups for a period of not less than two years, under the supervision of regional committees headed by the governors, with the membership of the heads of the regions and the regional directors of the ministerial sectors and public institutions stipulated in the Prime Minister’s circular.

This association had announced the opening of candidature to the public to cover 20 positions in the field of cleaning the spaces of health centers in the province of Chishawa, according to a fixed-term contract in 04 months, in line with the philosophy of This program is aimed at caring for the human element in the face of the difficult conditions left by the Corona pandemic, and in line with the importance that the new development model gives to promoting employment.

It should be noted that the “Urash” program is aimed at people with difficulties in integrating into the labor market, who are registered with the National Agency for the Promotion of Employment and Skills as job seekers, or people with disabilities, who have lost their jobs. . due to the Covid-19 pandemic or for other reasons.

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