Police violence involves a person in the city of Alhucemas

Police violence involves a person in the city of Alhucemas
Photo: Hespress

Friday 12 August 2022 – 21:37

The General Directorate of National Security reacted seriously and quickly to a video that circulated on social networks, in which uniformed police officers are seen to arrest a person in a strong rush, who vigorously resisted the arrest procedures, and subjected police officers to physical attacks using a weapon. satisfied tool.

Hespress sources indicated that the investigations revealed that the matter is related to a case that is currently being processed by the regional security services in the city of Alhucemas, due to the intervention of the police, in the early hours of Thursday, in order to arrest the suspect, who was in an abnormal condition and caused chaos on public roads, however, faced arrest procedures and violence from police officers, before being arrested shortly after committing these criminal acts in the home of his family in Alhucemas.

The same sources added that the suspect was kept in theoretical custody, at the disposal of the judicial investigation, which is supervised by the competent Public Ministry; In order to identify all the criminal acts attributed to him.

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