Migrants travel in pleasure boats in Morocco

The trafficking of people and drugs through pleasure boats or jet skis has returned to the fray this summer, taking advantage of the summer atmosphere that hangs over the beaches of Morocco, especially on the northern coasts.

The tightening of the rope by the security authorities and the Royal Moroccan Navy on the “mafias” of international drug trafficking and clandestine movements through pneumatic boats (lead) to which they resort to pleasure boats and jet skis Quick to camouflage.

And Spanish media in occupied Ceuta and Melilla revealed that Morocco’s reinforcement of coastal border surveillance forced smuggling mafias to content themselves with short-term trips, especially those related to human trafficking, since they were thrown into the coasts of the two cities or in their ports.

The Naval Service of the Spanish Civil Guard arrested two people from Ceuta this Wednesday, after the sinking of their pleasure boat “Phantom”, in which 5 irregular immigrants were travelling, who were rescued and transferred to the Naval Service base in the port of Ceuta.

This incident, according to the local newspaper El Faro de Ceuta, is the second in less than 24 hours. In the early hours of last Tuesday, two other people, also from occupied Ceuta, were arrested after their pleasure boat, carrying 600 kilograms of chira, sank divided into 17 packages.

After the detainees were brought to justice accused of committing a crime against public health, the same source revealed that the Moroccan security authorities began to investigate the owner of a company in the city of Tetouan specialized in the rental of jet skis, to reveal their possible relationship with the last recreational boat with Moroccan registration.

In the same context, and two days before this incident, the Spanish Civil Guard intercepted in occupied Ceuta three young Moroccans on a jet ski who told the court that they had agreed to rent it and use it to enter the occupied city, to be released at the end.

In another exciting incident, the Civil Guard in occupied Ceuta discovered last week 6 Moroccans detained in a house in the Los Rosales neighborhood, including two minors and a girl, who were found handcuffed on the second floor, while that the others remained in the garage of the house.

In the details of the incident, security investigations revealed that the detained Moroccans had an agreement with a smuggler to take them to Spain from one of the Moroccan coasts through a boat; However, he was content to take them to the occupied port of Ceuta due to the reinforcement of security, which led them to refuse to grant him the agreed amount (8 million cents per person), until he decided to keep them in the aforementioned house to force them. them to pay.

The newspaper considered that the jet skis and the “Ghost” recreational boats have become a real nightmare for the Civil Guard Navy, which is defenseless against them due to their speed and camouflage capacity, and their possession is has become very common, noting that this heralds a doubling of these operations in the coming years.

In addition, Moroccan authorities have taken proactive security measures to harass those who wish to exploit pleasure boats to smuggle people or drugs to European shores, as the Royal Moroccan Navy has reinforced surveillance on Moroccan shores to include the control of your licenses.