Dozens of students need classrooms

Citizens of the El-Mased roundabout of the Aghbaleh group demanded the competent authorities to speed up the construction of classrooms in the El-Mased branch of the Tazyzaout group of schools before the next school season, noting that more than 70 pupils studied the last year in the restaurant of the institution.

Muhammad Alwan, from the Al-Masid roundabout, told Hespress that the halls of the educational institution are in danger of collapsing. This motivated the members of the Association of Parents and Guardians of Students to expedite its closure, after several reform attempts failed, in order to preserve the safety of the students.

Alawan added: “Students from the elementary levels (from the first to the sixth level) continued their studies last year in very difficult conditions in the institution’s restaurant, highlighting that” the Association of Parents and Guardians of Students alerted the Director of the Foundation more than once; However, she received nothing but promises.

The speaker highlighted that two of the three sections of this branch of the Tazyazout group of schools dating back to the 1960s were closed by the Parents’ Association due to their state of wear and tear, urging the corresponding authorities to intervene urgent way to build classrooms before the next school season.

Awan noted that the concerned authorities promised the residents to build a community school; But the work has not yet begun, highlighting that school waste haunts dozens of students in case the corresponding authorities do not intervene to build new classrooms.

Commenting on the matter, Hamid Al-Shakrawi, Regional Director of National Education in Beni Mellal, said that immediately after his appointment to the region during March 2021, he visited the Al-Masid branch of the Tazyzaout group of schools and discovered I needed a new additional room and the process of rehabilitating the available rooms.

The same official explained that the 2021 program was updated, a steel room was scheduled for this branch and the first contract was closed; However, due to the high prices of materials on the market, the contractor withdrew from the deal, so the executing agency for the project in the region closed a new deal, since works are scheduled to begin on August 10.

Al-Shakrawi added that the director of the Tazyzaout group of schools is carrying out the rehabilitation process of the institution, where the steel-built room has been rehabilitated and the dismantled rooms are currently being rehabilitated, noting that these rooms will not be needed. for future residents; Because there is a community school scheduled for the year 2024, within the framework of the program to reduce spatial and social differences.