The Scientific Council of Chichaoua disavows a “terrorist”

The Scientific Council of Chichaoua disavows "terrorist"
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Thursday, August 11, 2022 – 7:15 PM

The Scientific Council of Chishawa province denied that the person arrested last Tuesday by the General Directorate of Territorial Surveillance, on suspicion of having links with a terrorist group, was a jurist and imam in a mosque in a roundabout within the territory of this province. Province. .

Sources explained, in a statement to Hespress, that this person has been detained since 2019 after all legal and administrative procedures were applied to him, when it was noted that his posts on social media platforms violate the principles of the Moroccan state, adding: “ He was dismissed from the imam, in coordination with the local authority and the Delegate for Endowments and Islamic Affairs.

This religious institution was shocked by the description of the detainee as an imam of a mosque at a time when he had been separated for a long time and no longer had any connection with the religious affairs of Chishawa province. For his actions that are not related to the program approved by the Scientific Council and the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, and that contradict the foundations of the Moroccan State and its religious constants.

Elements of the Central Office of Judicial Investigations arrested the person involved, who worked as an imam at the “Ait Meshkouk” roundabout in the “Al-Nafifa” village group, inside his family’s house at the Sidi “Tankourt” roundabout. . Ghanem community, based on information confirming the suspicion of his suspicious movements since he assumed the Imamate. .

It should be noted that the detainee is in custody for judicial investigation, which is supervised by the Central Office of Judicial Investigation in coordination with the Public Ministry in charge of terrorism cases.

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