Moroccan students returning from Ukraine hold their breath as they wait for September 15

Moroccan students returning from Ukraine await September 15 with great apprehension and anxiety, due to the lack of clarity about their academic future to this day. On the one hand, there is an entire school year that has passed of their life, they are unaware of their fate and whether or not they will be recognized, and on the other hand, they are only a few weeks away from the next academic year.

The students recently organized meetings in which they inquired about the date of the announcement by the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation of an official decision on their inclusion, and they intend to organize a vigil on August 23 in front of the Headquarters. of the Ministry in Rabat to demand inclusion, the students announced in statements to Hespress.

A member of the Coordination of Returning Students from Ukraine emphasized that coordination with Ukrainian universities is not the only solution the ministry should rely on, noting that integration is also among the solutions demanded by a significant number of students. .

The same speaker expressed his fear of wasting time, noting that the deans of the faculties will not accept the enrollment of Ukrainian students after the date of admission of all students to the faculties and the start of classes in the middle of next September; Therefore, the Moroccan student returning from Ukraine continued: “We will not accept that the ministry leaves this file for last-minute solutions, putting students before the fait accompli and imposing unacceptable conditions.”

He explained that what officials have said that 80 percent of students want to study in Ukraine is inaccurate, noting that the first platform launched by the ministry knew about the registration of about seven thousand people, and the second about the issue of integration includes approximately 3,200 male and female students; This figure does not represent 80 percent.

For her part, Ghozlan, the mother of a student returning from Ukraine, calls on the government to officially publish the solution before the beginning of September, in order to end the psychological and material suffering of parents and students.

The mother said, speaking to Hespress, that her son studied for five years in medicine, and is waiting to know the fate of those years, adding that she tried to contact universities in Romania, and was surprised by their demand for 1,500 euros. to study the file, in addition to tuition fees of up to 7,500 euros, not to mention living and accommodation expenses; That is estimated twice the expenses that were allocated for his studies in Ukraine.

And the same spokeswoman added: “We are at the gates of university admission. This delay in the resolution of the file is not reasonable.