Lotrot: These are emergency stops

"lotto"These are emergency stops.
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Thursday, August 11, 2022 – 15:19

The Moroccan National Highway Company reminded highway users that walking and stopping at the emergency stop is prohibited, except in cases of extreme necessity.

In a statement, the company clarifies that “due to the heavy traffic on the national highway network in the current summer season, the National Automobile Company of Morocco reminds highway users that it is prohibited to travel and stop at the emergency except in extreme cases. need.”

He pointed out that the emergency stop tape is used by the intervention teams of the National Highway Company, Royal Gendarmerie, Civil Protection, relief teams and other road stakeholders, to intervene in any emergency.

The same source stressed that any unjustified use of the emergency stop tape would delay the timely arrival of help to motorway users in danger, and would constitute a violation of traffic regulations.

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