Corona outbreak imposes full or partial lockdown in several Chinese cities

Today, Thursday, local media reported that many Chinese cities across the country have imposed a full or partial lockdown due to outbreaks of the Corona virus detected in recent days.

One of the affected places is Sanya, a popular vacation destination located in the province of Hainan (south), known for its luxurious beachfront hotels, and more than 1,250 asymptomatic and asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 have been registered in recent 24 hours.

Since last week, various areas of the city began to apply selective restrictions, which prevented the return of more than 80,000 tourists to the places where they came from.

And the local authorities reported that the spread of the virus was caused by a mutant of the “Omicron” strain, which came from abroad, and it is likely that it came to Hainan Island through trade with foreign fishermen, economic activity through which originated the first infections were discovered.

Today, local media indicated that more than two thousand tourists who were staying in areas of the island not classified as dangerous managed to return to their homes.

Elsewhere in the Asian giant, Urumqi, the capital of the western Xinjiang autonomous region, partially suspended public transport services and imposed a five-day lockdown in some urban areas after 27 positive cases were reported on Wednesday.

In another remote region of China, Tibet, infections were discovered last week after no positive cases of the Corona virus were recorded for two years.

This situation caused movement restrictions in Lhasa, the Tibetan capital, and in Shigatse, the second largest city in the region.

In total, yesterday, Wednesday, 54 cases of coronavirus were detected in the entire Tibet region, where 3.5 million people live.

And the Chinese health authorities announced Wednesday that “prevention and control (of the disease) work is under increasing pressure,” while stressing the need to fully adhere to the COVID-19 elimination policy, the China joins.

According to official Chinese data, since the start of the pandemic, 232,809 cases of coronavirus have been registered in the country and 5,226 people have died from the Covid disease, knowing that the number of infected does not include those who do not show up. symptom.