The presence of Moroccans in the “Stands of Palestine” decreases.. Al-Alami: Sustenance and normalization are reasons

Solidarity stations with the Palestinian people in several Moroccan cities face difficulties in attracting large numbers of citizens, despite renewed calls and the ongoing clash with Israel, but the “popular mood” is still moderately interactive on the issue. land.

Despite the renewed Israeli attacks on the Palestinian territories, and the successive calls from many political and civil authorities, the pauses in recent years have been marked by a general lack of response, which the organizers link to regressions that affected the action of protest in general in Morocco.

Many observers believe that large segments of Moroccans have become bent on managing their daily problems, following the rise in necessities of life and the current wave of high prices, and are moving towards regarding the “Palestinian issue” as thorny and not not be resolved with a regional decision, but requires global balances controlled by the main countries.

In the same context, the resumption of Moroccan-Israeli relations, according to the organizers, was a great embarrassment for many supportive groups, since some opted for interests in the matter, especially after linking normalization to the issue of the Sahara and the economic benefit. of process

Abdel-Qader Al-Alami, coordinator of the National Action Group for Palestine, stated that “the stand on Monday, August 8, for example, occurred during a summer vacation period, and the truce that was concluded relatively reduced the interest of the people at the event. ; But in general it was a success and had a very important number, about 2,000 people”, according to him.

Alami added, in a statement to Hespress: “The observation is correct…there has been a noticeable decline and regression in recent years.” The reason, according to the spokesman, is that “people are more concerned with daily livelihood concerns than with solidarity with national and international affairs.”

The coordinator of the National Action Group for Palestine considered that “the act of protest in general has decreased, and the reason is that people feel useless to go out”, and added: “In previous periods the protests were big, but nobody listens, and their demands are not met,” describing what is happening as Deaf Dialogue.

Al-Alami also emphasized that “the words of the protesters are supposed to be taken into account and listened to, but the officials in another valley are completely different,” noting that “normalization was also a reason for the opposite collapse.”