Thales flies satirical shows with political flavor

With a new comedy show, the comedian Thales and his band will tour several Moroccan cities through a summer tour of “emoji” shows with a political flavor and daring to criticize a series of social phenomena.

The band “Imogaji” chose the “Lusine” space to present their satirical material in their new show, which was supervised by their artistic direction and directed by Abdelali Lahr, who participates in the show, along with the actors: Rachid Rafik, Ayoub Idri , the Wadih and Saeed duo, Fadwa Al-Talib and the Idris and Mahdi duo.

The “Lusine Emoji” materials interacted with the accelerated developments and accompanied them with a sarcastic sense of humor, among which the price increase, protest movements and union work stand out, in addition to the behaviors that characterize relationships between spouses and cosmetic surgeries. .

About the date, Abdelali Lamher, known as “Talis”, says: “What gives a strong impetus to the performances is the interaction of the comic shows with the evolution, the social conditions and the daily behaviors of the Moroccans, who have become become more prominent during the quarantine period. and Corona, and accompanying them with a sarcastic sense of humor.”

Speaking to Hespress, Lamhar added: “The goal of the show is to first please the audience and speak in their own language about their issues and problems. The messages that the citizens would like to express, we present them in the form of comic strips, so that they reach the functionaries”. And she added, “I like to discuss edgy topics at performances and sometimes direct messages to specific people with their names.”

Commenting on the selection of “Lusine” to host the show, the same announcer said, “We have always believed that the group ‘Imogaji’ is a laboratory for the manufacture of laughter and sarcasm, in addition to the fact that the space Lusine gave show a value. artistic and aesthetic in harmony with the texts presented, which essentially reflect the problems that the Moroccan citizen experiences with sarcasm.”

The summer tour “Imogaji” refers to eight Moroccan cities, starting from Casablanca and landing at the Mohammed V National Theater, arriving in Saidia to present a show on August 11, 12 and 13, then Alhucemas on the 16th of the same month. . then Agadir on August 20.

In addition to the comedic names in the “Imogaji” constellation, the comedy troupe included a number of young performers in their shows, including Yassin Galfan, Ibrahim Kabbaj and Adnan Azar, and “Stand Up” program graduates Abdel Moneim Al-Sfoury. and Ahmed Al-Greani.