Algerian gangs specializing in “clandestine immigration” arouse fears in Spain

The suffering of the Kingdom of Spain continues with the crisis of irregular immigrants from Algeria, due to the tense political relations between the two countries since the official recognition by Madrid of the autonomy initiative in the Moroccan Sahara.

Despite the slight decrease in the “death ships” that transported Algerians during the past month, according to the newspaper “El PaĆ­s”, the Spanish coast continued to receive dozens of ships a day throughout the summer.

The same fact was confirmed by the newspaper “Larazon”, which criticized the “revenge approach” of the Algerian authorities regarding clandestine immigration, after the diplomatic crisis that broke out between Algeria and Spain in the context of the Sahara conflict.

The same media outlet explained that it was the Balearic Islands that detected the largest number of “death ships” from Algeria, which led it to warn that these islands could become a “new gateway for irregular immigrants.”

According to data from the Ministry of the Interior, adds the same source, the Balearic Islands have received more than 98 clandestine boats of Algerian immigrants in recent weeks, which caused the local authorities to sound the alarm about this new route for immigrants.

The newspaper ‘Larazon’ attributed these new waves of irregular immigrants to “political reasons, divided mainly between the diplomatic tension with Spain and the Algerian movement, and social reasons that materialize mainly in the fragile economic conditions of the country”, as explained. .

What weighs more than the political reasons over their social counterparts to explain the high rates of irregular immigration to Spain in recent months, according to the same newspaper, is the decrease in the number of immigrants who go to France, as the traditional destination of Algerians, referring to the crisis with Madrid.

Spanish reports noted Algeria’s negative position regarding security cooperation between the two countries in light of the current political tension, pointing to Algeria’s suspension of all forms of strategic cooperation to combat migration and terrorism issues.