The unions await details of the Government’s intention to give Moroccans “support for the purchase of housing”

The unions are waiting for more details of government support for housing; On the positive side, that the central authorities received the step, they are waiting for a disclosure of the target groups and the rest of the details of the adoption of “financial support”, which interacts with one of the biggest problems of Moroccans with your access to housing.

Aziz Akhannouch’s government is going to allocate direct economic aid to Moroccan families for the purchase of homes starting next year, a point that is being discussed with the unions on the evidence of their access to the middle classes as well as the expansion of their beneficiaries to include sectors other than real estate.

Under this approach, the government will adopt a new support approach, which is based on replacing tax expenditures with direct support to families; This within the framework of the Treasury Bill for the next year 2023, which is expected to be discussed with the new political entry.

In the past, the State supported the acquisition of housing by granting incentives to real estate developers through tax exemptions that have long been criticized by reports from national and international institutions, and the “generalized popular mood” has always linked it to excesses and lack of rights.

Younis Farashin, a member of the Executive Office of the Democratic Confederation of Labor, said that the union has long called for a review of tax exemptions in the country and to think about making better use of the amount of 32 billion dirhams, which is the value that the government allocates to this matter; But without positive repercussions.

Farashin added, in statements to Hespress, that real estate lobbies are the first beneficiaries of housing support at the moment, considering that the initiative is still positive and should be disseminated in various areas, adding: “There is an urgent need to a comprehensive reform of tax exemptions”.

The union leader affirmed that the government has not yet revealed the details of the measure and its beneficiaries, especially since its evaluation of the needy groups is also followed by what the High Planning Commission and the middle class need to support themselves in this regard. .

In the same statement, Frashin considered that the unions raised the file on tax exemptions in several previous national debates on the tax system in Morocco, and pointed out that there are people who do not deserve the support they benefit from, adding: “The matter will be discussed again in the next social dialogue sessions”.

For his part, Abdel Hamid Al-Fatihi, secretary general of the Democratic Federation of Labor, said that the unions are waiting for the disclosure of the details and conditions for the benefit, highlighting the need to draw lessons from the failure of the experience of supporting “half-housing”, and added: “Until now, there is union support waiting for meetings with the government.

Al-Fatihi stated, in a statement to Hespress, that the support should also target the middle class; The other is still in need and living in poor social conditions due to the current wave of high prices, noting that the unions will meet with the government during the month of September and present their proposals.