Moroccans from all over the world turn to tourism in Tinghir.. expense that compensates for the suffocation period

After the great deterioration of the tourist and commercial sector, the city of Tinghir has come back to life since the beginning of this summer (that is, before Eid al-Adha), as the city and its suburbs registered thousands of visitors from the community. Moroccan. and foreign tourists, according to official data provided by the Tinghir Regional Tourism Council to Hespress.

The tourist and economic activities of the city of Tinghir in particular, and of the region in general, have been waiting for months for the return of the Moroccan community and the influx of foreign tourism, in order to ensure the reestablishment of the balances disturbed for months due to the closure of the borders and the harsh consequences imposed by the Corona pandemic.

Various economic and tourist activities in the city of Tinghir revealed that the manifestations of the presence of the community arriving in Morocco began to emerge a few days before Eid al-Adha, explaining that this greatly contributed to moving the economic wheel and tour. in the city and the region in general, highlighting that everyone hopes that this summer will be the beginning of the end of a crisis caused by the Corona virus and the global economic crisis.

return of the community

Lahcen Fathi, Director of the Tangier Regional Tourism Council, revealed in a statement to Hespress that all the regions in the region have recently known overcrowding and a real economic boom after a period of economic stagnation that lasted two years and overshadowed the various vital sectors. in the region, especially after the damage to the tourism sector, which is the first economic engine.

Fathi added that “the various regions of the region recorded the influx of thousands of visitors, taking advantage of the summer vacation period and opening the borders to visit relatives and celebrate events and rituals that are only sweet in Moroccan cities and towns.” , explaining that “The various regions and tourist sites in the region, such as the Todgha, Dades and Mkon Straits, were known for the influx. Thousands of visitors daily enjoy the landscapes and waterways, as well as escaping the heat that characterizes the region during this time of year.”

For his part, Ahmed Khi, an actor in the tourism sector in the city of Tinghir, said that “the return of the community contributed greatly to giving a strong boost to the local economy, especially the tourism and commercial spheres,” adding that “The city received thousands of members of the community residing abroad, which contributed to boosting the economic and tourist movement.

The same tourism actor explained, in statements to Hespress, that “all professionals, whether tourists or merchants, were optimistic about the return of the community this year after the confusion that lasted for more than two consecutive years due to the repercussions of the Corona virus. crisis”, adding that “economic and tourist life in general is returning to normal. Little by little,” he said.

touristic offer

At a time when professionals confirm that the tourism sector has begun to recover in the city of Tinghir and the region in general, a good number of visitors, both from the Moroccan community and foreign tourists, unanimously agreed that the tourist offer currently available is traditional, not contemplated by any change for decades, explaining that diversifying the tourist offer is a necessary matter, with the improvement of tourist services provided to expatriates in the region.

Amina Zeroual, an activist from the association interested in the field of tourism in the city of Tinghir, said that “professionals in the tourism sector in the city and the region in general are in great need of technical support actions, to weave a network of relations. among them, and offer integrated offers of tourist accommodation and parallel activities, in addition to developing a training plan, especially in the new tourism professions, in order to raise the professionalization of workers in the sector.”

The same association underlined, in statements to Hespress, “the need to give special importance to the promotion of national tourism, in parallel to the development of a diversified and attractive offer for local and foreign tourists, in addition to taking measures to support local demand , to improve Moroccan citizens’ access to an offer that meets their expectations and capabilities.

On the other hand, Ahmed Benyahia, one of the visitors to the region that Hespress found in the Todgha Strait, revealed that the tourist offer currently available in the region, especially and in several other regions of Morocco, is “lame and unconvincing. attractive”, calling on professionals and those in charge of managing the sector to “improve services and diversify the available tourist offer”, as he said.

The tourism sector in figures

Lahcen Fathi, Director of the Regional Tourism Council, told Hespress that “professionals in the tourism sector have finally breathed a sigh of relief after the remarkable economic recovery that the region has registered, especially after the disastrous stage it went through as a result of the effects of the Corona pandemic”, explaining that “the region that has a reception structure. An important tourist destination with more than 3,500 beds, a significant number of tourists and foreign visitors, in addition to a significant number of members of the Moroccan community residing in the diaspora

Fathi added that “owners of tourist establishments, most of whom have experienced a fill rate of over 60 percent, say that this recovery is cause for optimism, especially after the opening of the borders, the return of flights, the flexibility of procedures and the opening of the way for the community members to enter the country; All of these factors contributed to restoring confidence in travel and tourism and forced professionals to restart businesses with more ambition and hope for the future.”

Regarding the offers available in the region, a spokesperson for Hespress indicated that “swimming pool services, rental of party rooms, reservation of rooms and catering come first, given that the region depends mainly at this time of year on receiving community members. and Moroccans of interior tourism, in addition to a significant number of foreign tourists who are fascinated by the nature and topography of the area”.

The same speaker added: “The services and prices vary according to the category and classification of the institutions involved, most of which are generally aimed at different social segments, since swimming pool services fluctuate between 50 and 100 dirhams, while accommodation and lodging services start from 200 dirhams. and above per night. As for the rental of the rooms, it ranges between 2,000 and 5,000 dirhams, depending on the type of service, of course.

“Professionals in the tourism sector seek to redouble efforts to adapt to the new stage, reactivating and equipping institutions and adapting them to the requirements of the stage, diversifying and improving services and diversifying tourism offers and products that ensure the sustainability of the economy. . boom in the region”, adds the Director of the Tinghir Regional Tourism Council.