The Polisario leader was transferred to South Africa in critical condition

Reading the articles of some newspapers on Tuesday, we start with “Moroccan Events”, which published that Ibrahim Ghali, the leader of the Polisario Front, after his health deteriorated, was flown to South Africa for treatment on a presidential plane. According to a close source, Ghali’s condition is very serious and he could die in South Africa, while Algeria is silent on the news.

The same newspaper reported that citizens were complaining about the state of the roads and alleys in Casablanca, as the residents had informed all the competent authorities through correspondence of the need for rapid intervention before the unfortunate consequences occurred, and provided all evidence that one of the holes has become a danger to pedestrians and various means of transportation.

As for “Al-Massa” he was referring to the suffering of the residents of a building in the Al-Hababi neighborhood in the Bab Fattouh area of ​​Fez, from the transformation of a cafe into a bar to drink alcohol, like some criminals who frequent this cafe deliberately drink alcohol in public, while eating “hashish”, in indecent and exciting scenes, to terrorize the citizens.

According to the same platform, whoever tries to protest against the excesses and the horror that happens inside the aforementioned cafe, his life will be in serious danger from criminals and those with a record, who will deliberately utter slanderous and detestable words when alcohol and drugs play with them. their minds and threaten to attack and harass all who stand in their way or try to protest their actions or report them.

The same newspaper reports that drivers are forcing customers to take them to Fez, as it has become impossible for some citizens of the city to take a mini-taxi to go to the place they want.

One of the citizens, speaking to Al-Massa, said that the small taxi drivers at the ranks are provocative as they work according to their mood and do not transport the citizens to the destination they want.

Al-Massa also wrote that the Interior Ministry arrested nine advisers from the provinces of Youssoufia and Asfi, and referred their files to the Marrakech Administrative Court to consider their dismissal, after investigations showed they had special interests with the territorial groups. to which they belong; So it turned out that they, together with their relatives, benefit from renting commercial premises and residential houses owned by the community to which they belong.

And with the same media platform, which reported that two deputies of the king’s attorney were suspected of being involved in what became known as “broking” and had reached a temporary decision to suspend their work pending a decision. official after deciding on the file and the issuance of final judgments.

And “Al-Masaa” added that the number of judges following the “intermediation” file increased to four, after an adviser from the Al-Bayda Court of Appeal joined the followers, based on the decision of the judge of Rabat instruction. Court of Appeals, after hearing it within the framework of the exceptional jurisdiction procedure, which establishes that after the Public Ministry reached the Cassation Chamber, it can refer the counselor’s file to its criminal chamber, which decides if the matter requires conduct research. .

As for the Socialist Union, he wrote that residents of Moulay Abdel Aziz Street in Kenitra are complaining about being disturbed by cafes throughout the night and calling for immediate intervention to end the ongoing riots.

The news added that the static of the buildings located on this street suffers several severe damages as a result of the nocturnal nights of the cafes, which are manifested mainly in the noise, noise and loud music that these cafes emit that are open all day. night. in the morning, not to mention the noise, the squabbles and the slurs for his presence near a late-night bar.

For its part, “Al-Alam” published that eight Moroccan universities attended the ranking of the best one hundred university institutions on the African continent, achieving a qualitative leap in the level of presence of Moroccan universities in international rankings.

According to the same news, Cadi Ayyad University ranked first in Morocco and the Maghreb, 19th in Africa, 18th in Arabs and 1,154th worldwide, followed by Mohammed V University, which ranked 33rd in Africa, 40 in Arabs and 1,668 internationally. Hassan II University was ranked 3rd in Morocco, while it was ranked 56th in the Arab world, 44th in Africa, and 1895th globally.

Al-Alam also published that, despite causing victims every year and preventing their use by law, this year the use of “Ashura fireworks” was renewed, as they were detonated by minors since the beginning of the month of Muharram, and it intensified with the proximity of the tenth night of the same, when the explosions of artificial firecrackers and meteors are at their peak, and young people are involved who set fire to the tires of the wheels.

The same newspaper mentioned that “Ashura firecrackers” claimed the life of a young man in the city of Casablanca in 2018, after being injured in the neck. The incident was followed by a discussion in which voices demanded a reduction in the use of fireworks in celebration of Ashura, but the phenomenon did not recede.