The lack of support brings complaints from professionals in the transport sector… and the ministry clarifies

Interacting with the claims of professionals in the transport sector, who told Hespress that they had not received the first payments of the support allocated by the government to mitigate the impact of high fuel prices, the Ministry of Transport and Logistics confirmed that the cell in charge of The follow-up of this file registered the benefit of more than 93 percent of the professionals since the first action that was launched during the month of March.

In this context, an official source from the ministry stated, in statements to Hespress, that the ministry is eager for this process to be a success and for all professionals whose vehicles meet the eligibility requirements to be able to benefit from the support, since has taken a set of measures represented mainly in the creation of a technical cell made up of officials and frameworks from the Road Transport Directorate and the Information Systems Directorate that is in charge of receiving professionals, receiving them, processing them and monitoring them of the various difficulties encountered during the registration process. It also made available to them the possibility of communicating through the call center and email, in order to provide them with remote assistance and guidance in the use of the platform and accompany them in carrying out data inclusion.

The ministry, added the same source, mobilized its external interests to keep up with the professionals and update its data or update it at the level of the information system designated for the operation.

The same source indicated that, within the framework of the delivery of the first part of the subsidy that was launched last March, applications were registered to benefit from the subsidy for more than 168,000 vehicles of the 180,000 targeted vehicles, that is, 93.38 per hundred.

When asked by Hespress about the continuity of the benefit of the people who sold their vehicles with the support and the lack of benefit for the new owners, the same official explained that “within the framework of the exceptional support aimed at road transport professionals , the Ministry of Transport and Logistics worked, in coordination with the interests of both the Presidency of the Government and the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Economy and Finance, to create a digital platform as a portal dedicated to the deposit and monitoring of support requests under the name “Keep Up.” This updated platform is intended to facilitate the application submission process for the benefit of transportation professionals whose vehicles meet the eligibility requirements, and to better manage the rate of submission, processing, and tracking of applications. requests.

The same spokesman explained that the platform’s database depends on the integration and integration of data between three different information systems (the information system for road transport, the national system for the management of gray cards and the system of information for the realization of the annual private tax on vehicles), in addition to exchanging data related to taxis and buses Urban public transport with the Ministry of the Interior.

In that sense, the official continued, the beneficiary database is updated during each support installment to match the established eligibility requirements. The interests of the Ministry are also acute, and in order to raise the difficulties that some professionals may encounter in dealing with the designated portal for support for various reasons, periodically and continuously to exchange and update data, whether related with the identification information of some professionals or related to the stock of vehicles affected by the support, then this data is included at the platform database level so that their owners can deposit or complete the filling of their applications in order to benefit from the support.

On the opening date of the registration door to benefit from the fifth round of exceptional support, he confirmed that the interest of the Ministry of Transport and Logistics is in the process of preparing to open the registration and then benefit from the support, and the start of the registration process will be announced in a statement issued by the ministry.

The ministerial official indicated that the exceptional support directed by the government to road transport professionals has as its main objective to preserve the purchasing power of citizens. Reducing the effects of high fuel prices on transportation costs and ensuring the continuity of road transportation operations.

It is noteworthy that the transport sector unions have filed hundreds of complaints with the Ministry of Transport and Logistics in order to inquire about the files of professionals who have not yet reached the first payments, as the National Union has already done previously. of the Transport of Merchandise by Road. He confirmed that the number of complaints received by the Ministry in this regard had reached seven thousand complaints before announcing the third batch, pointing out that this number had increased with the successive problems associated with the rest of the payments.