The European Commission excludes Melilla from economic aid to combat immigration

The European Commission excludes Melilla from economic aid to combat immigration
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Monday 8 August 2022 – 20:00

The European Commission has finally launched projects that benefit from subsidies and financial aid to combat irregular migration and improve the capacity and flexibility of the system for the reception of immigrants and asylum seekers. Occupied Ceuta and the Canary Islands were confirmed to benefit, while the occupied city of Melilla did not.

Spanish media revealed that the European Commission had allocated 25.5 million dollars to Ceuta and the Canary Islands (9.77 and 14.77 million euros, respectively), the only two projects that it had chosen in the regions of Spanish influence, to alleviate the excessive burden on its reception capacity, and the costs of returning migrants who arrive on the Canary coast to their countries.

The “exclusion” of occupied Melilla from these subsidies provided the opportunity for the People’s Party of Spain in the autonomous city to direct its criticism against the central government delegate, Sabrina Mohamed, the Minister for Minors, Cecilia González, and the Vice President. from occupied Melilla, Gloria Rojas, who “live in a parallel world”. In the words of Isabel Moreno, vice president of the party.

Moreno has stressed that “Melilla certainly has greater or very similar pressure to the pressure of the Canary Islands in terms of migration and is at risk in this regard”, considering that “it is incomprehensible and unjustified to stay out of this aid”.

Spanish politics attributed the fact that Melilla did not benefit from European subsidies to what it described as the “indifference and incompetence” of Cecilia González and Gloria Rojas, and stressed that “Melilla always loses out with this government.”

These subsidies are part of the request for aid from the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund, to which the European Commission has allocated a total of 171 million euros, and from which Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Poland have also benefited.

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